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Computer Vision 4 Art System consists of image acquisition, image processing, and image analysis.

Creating Artworks based on mathematics and imaging science:


A Positive World Future 

Unity Day 


Dear President Jimmy Carter,

You are one of the great men alive in the world today.

You know better than most the seriousness of the challenges faced by our human family, and our world. But you are also in a powerful position to improve our situation.

Here’s what I see. Humankind is divided against itself by race, religion, nationality, and gender.

Yet there is a desperate need to demonstrate the Oneness of humanity to counter overpopulation, poverty, ignorance, war, disease, government corruption, corporate misbehavior, and, of course, to protect the climate.

Many people of good will around the world are anxious to be part of the solution, but don’t know quite where the solutions may lie, and do not have a way for their voices to be heard.

I believe the time is right to declare a WORLD UNITY DAY. The idea is desperately simple: we human beings are experiencing world-class problems, but acting in opposition to each other, rather than in a unified way.

If we can, at least in our thinking, set aside one day of zero division, zero conflict, zero violence, and zero partisanship – then it will create the space for association, appreciation, and celebration. It will enable cooperative experiences, cooperative ideas, cooperative actions, and – HOPE for a positive world future.

A World Unity Day would be in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s day. Recall that even before MLK Day was declared, the IDEA of it gave many people hope.

If you were to call for such a day, your reputation for selfless service might be enough to make it happen!

But if you were jointly to call for a World Unity Day with others of worldwide renown, who would stand against you? Suppose you issued a joint call with Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Gore, HH Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Shirin Ebadi-

President Carter, your legacy is secure. Your greatness stands by itself.

But maybe, this is something you have in you to do. If so, it will be a great gift to a world in need.

Thank you for your attention.


Dr. Hooshmand Kalayeh 

 The time has come that we show the world where do we stand?


Dear President Barack Obama,

For thousands of years, we have been killing each other and justifying our selfish conduct in the name of God, race, religion, nationality…even in the name of freedom. Our ego has blocked our light. We have been conditioned to live in darkness. This darkness has led to an endless cycle of personal, local, and global disunity.

Now more than ever, we, the people of the world, need a collective, unifying vision to bind us together to solve critical problems facing humanity.

The time has come that we show the world where do we stand?

I envision a World Unity Day to unify the voices of people of goodwill around the world who stand for:

• Living in harmony with each other and the Earth

• Universal Human Rights

• Elimination of extreme poverty

• Development of clean Energy

• World of ideas to bridge between the East and West

• Worldwide debate and dialogue

• Science and Spirituality as wings of true progress

• Oneness of Humanity

• Oneness of Spirituality


Hooshmand M Kalayeh

We must be who we say we are...




We must neither be silent about injustice around the world nor forceful. We must be who we say we are. Our forefathers planted the seeds of freedom, equality and justice in the hearts of Americans 222 years ago. But in the garden of humanity, these seeds have not yet blossomed into flowers. Our principles have been compromised so many times during our adolescent era. However, your presidency must be a turning point for an era of maturity toward our ultimate destiny. We Americans must be champions of liberty, equality, and justice for all humanity. Our principles must never again be compromised by self-interests. Otherwise, all of our principles will be empty words. Hypocrisies around the world have been the cause of injustice everywhere. It is easy to give a great speech promoting liberty, equality, and justice around the world. However, in the middle of storms, we hide behind these great words and instead promote our self–interests around the world diplomatically, politically and militarily. We must not silently or forcefully kill people or let people be killed in the name of democracy, religion, or self-interests. The heart of humanity cries for freedom from bondage of hypocrisy. In order to free humanity from this bondage, we must be who we say we are. 


Hooshmand M Kalayeh

My Artworks 


Exclusive Circles of Unity within Exclusive Circles of Unity

People of the world are associated by their common race, religion, nationality, gender, culture, ethnicity, spirituality, morality, immorality, class, work, hobby, art, music, social, political, and scientific interests; people are dancing on different Exclusive Circles of Unity!

My artwork is about my dream;

I have a dream that one day all humanity will dance on one Inclusive Circle of Unity!

Dear Friends of Earth, Human Rights, Animal Rights, and World Peace


Dear Friends of Earth, Human Rights, Animal Rights, and World Peace,

Peaceful Greetings!

I am looking for key people who want to support my art project (Paradise Project).

My objective is to help organizations who stand for human rights, animal rights, sustainability, and local and global unity and peace.

Alone and together without money we can accomplish very little!

But working together to earn honest money, we can accomplish impossible.

Together we can earn honest money by selling my artworks locally, nationally, and globally.

Please join my team and let's work together like fingers of one hand to make our dream a reality.

Please also empower those key people to join our team.

Please share this email with your friends.


Hooshmand M Kalayeh

One day of zero violence, zero division, zero conflict, zero partisanship… 


Dear Democrats, Republicans, and Independents,

Divided we fall and darken the world and united we rise and illuminate the world!

There is a desperate need for coming together and counter all these insane acts of divisiveness and violence, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Any American who divides us and creates chaos in order to rule is a domestic enemy; the worst enemy is the enemy within;

American secular democratic system of government has been through many storms but now is facing the most distructive one!

Obviously, we have had adversarial relation with the Russian. The Russian objective is to divide us and create chaos; divide and conquer! They do this by using our weakest links! They use us to achieve their goals. The recent bombshell news regarding the Trump’s son, son-in-law, and Campaign manger shows very clearly Russian deceptive but smart methods to identify those power-hungry people who can create chaos in our country or elsewhere. The main objective of the Trump’s son, son-in-law, and Campaign manger meeting with a Russian lawyer was to simply find out if Trump’s interested in damaging information about Hillary Clinton! This was simple conveyed by just going to the meeting. So it did not matter how long the meeting took or what nonsensical issues was discussed; what discussed were simply for the future cover-up.

The only way, once again, to kindle the Beacon of American secular democratic system is to come together!


Hooshmand M Kalayeh